Speaking Industry Outlook 2018

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The speaking industry, like others, is facing constant change. How you as a speaker can adapt to that change will dictate your success. Here are some things to be aware of.

The Events Industry Council, Washington, D.C., has released the preliminary results from its third Economic Significance Study and report “the top-line results reveal increases in the number of attendees, the number of meetings, and the direct spending related to these meetings.”

AMEX meetings and events outlook for 2018 – “The report is largely optimistic about the state of the meetings industry, noting that attendance continues to grow—especially in North America, where conference and tradeshow attendee levels are anticipated to increase by 1.8 percent in 2018.

What we know are that clients are seeking more interactive programs. They are asking speakers to use their social media channels to publicize meetings. Virtual programs continue to have a role but don’t seem to be replacing in person gatherings.

What does the above mean for you? It means that content reigns. Purely motivational or inspirational fluff will not make it. Many of you have heard me say that you need to describe your programs as “high content, motivational in style and tone” if you insist on the “M” word. If you do, “motivational” becomes a style choice, not a content choice.

Corporations and associations are looking for programs that will do one of these things:

  • increase productivity
  • profits
  • performance, communication, employee retention
  • increase shareholder value

This means if the outcome of your program affects one of the above, you’re more likely to be hired. You’re also more likely to be hired if you can offer clients information, tactics, techniques and strategies that can be applied immediately. Clients basically hire you to create a change in behavior.

The economy is good. Many corporations are making record profits. However, lead times will still be short. Clients have a “wait and see” attitude when hiring outside experts. They wait to ensure they are addressing current concerns, so they drag their feet and wait until the last minute.

What does this mean for you? It means that even if your calendar looks lean now, things can change quickly. It also means we better be good stewards of our money or we won’t have a business.

A personal thought. My hope is that awareness about the lack of diversity on platforms continues to grow. People who make decisions need to make sure their platform reflects the audience makeup. More women, more people of color.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, our calendars open, and our negotiation skills keen!



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How to Book More Business

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