Book More Business Consulting Programs

What we will accomplish:

  1. Powerful marketing positioning for you and your program
  2. Marketing and promotional materials that reflect your corporate culture
  3. A workable business plan that you can carry out

Book More Business Plan – Two day program.
This program concentrates on the following main areas of your business:

Positioning. This covers working on a positioning statement and how to use it when promoting and selling speaking services. A one sheet is developed or revised to include promotional, positioning language. Corporate culture issues are also addressed.

A Plan is developed. A business plan is formulated. A review of where you’ve been in your business and where you want to go. This is all done to ensure you are headed in the right direction, in line with your goals. I encourage my clients to seek to “be an inch wide and a mile deep”!

Marketing. How to take your business plan to market. Things discussed: target industries, target markets in your industries. Who are good prospects for your specific programs. How to penetrate markets. How to get repeat and referral business. Simply put – who to talk to, what to say, and what to send in order to be considered for the speech. How to work with speakers bureaus.

Goal setting. How to benchmark to make sure you are on target with your plan and doing those things needed to accomplish your goals.

Selling. There is great synergy in selling, marketing, and positioning in the speaking business. How to be a relationship builder and sell your programs and products. Specifics are discussed including scripts, voice mails, written correspondence, etc.

Follow up. All of my Book More Business programs include follow up after the consultation as follows:

  • Level 1 Program: Come to St. Louis price $6400.
  • I come to you price $6800 plus travel expenses.
    Call me about the details! – includes thirty days support
  • Level 2 Program $7900 – includes six months follow up support
  • Level 3 Program $12,000 – includes one year follow up support

Payment plans available!

Please call for information regarding fee schedule for all three Book More Business Programs. Consulting by the hour is also available. Hourly rates are $350/hour with a two hour minimum to begin a relationship.

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