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“I thought I knew everything about the speaking business … until I worked with Lois!”

Jeffrey Gitomer, CSP, CPAE

“Lois Creamer has the BEST positioning statement ever. It is so simply specific. What speaker could hear it and NOT want a conversation with her? She helped with mine!”

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

“You are the woman! Using the techniques that you taught, we were able to secure a booking at a fee that more than paid for your investment within one week! Words can hardly express how excited I am about the time you spent in my office. I’ve worked with you in the past so I already knew your work to be of exceptional quality, but I must admit, you never cease to amaze me. It’s obvious that, in your work with other speakers and staff, you are constantly learning (and sharing) new tricks of the trade. I am so happy that we made the extra investment to insure that over the months to come, you are just a phone call away.”

Karyn Buxman-Godek, CSP, CPAE

“You are a gift to speakers. The biggest problem most talented speakers have is marketing. You have the answer to that problem. Without your piece of the puzzle, they will go unseen, their message will be untold, and their services will be unsold.”

Joe Bonura, CSP

“Without a doubt, your materials are the most comprehensive marketing tools I have seen. There isn’t a single professional speaker, speaker’s assistant, or bureau agent who wouldn’t benefit from them. They will cut months off their learning curve and skyrocket their sales!”

Larry Baltz, Republic Speakers Bureau

“I am confident that as a result of my investment in your services I will indeed Book More Business! Your expertise has kept me from making costly mistakes, helped to position myself confidently in the marketplace, and have greater confidence that my marketing materials are of the highest of caliber. I have increased my ability to do the thing that has been my biggest obstacle – picking up the phone!”

Pamela Jett Aal, Jett Communication, Inc.

“I heard from many members and guests that they got a lot of value out of your speech and planned to incorporate many ideas into their businesses. You did a great job of not only supplying illustrations but also the building blocks for crafting a positioning statement. Thank you again for your great speech, your professionalism and your sense of humor.”

Beverly Berner, Natl. Assoc. of Women Business Owners

“We are so grateful to you for coming to CAPS Calgary chapter. There are so many things you have left with us: Fit Before Fee!, Red Shirt/Blue Shirt theory, Mastermind Groups, valuable marketing statistics, countless tips on ways to handle tricky situations …. thank you for a superb job!”

Gail Burton, Canadian Assoc. of Professional Speakers – Calgary

“Thank you for your consulting expertise. In today’s business world it is rare when others deliver what they promise, but you not only met our expectations, you clearly exceeded them! You reviewed our business and recommended, in an objective and professional way, changes that would take our business to the next level. You told us what we needed to hear, and this professional advice has already produced positive results! I would, without reservation, recommend you to any professional speaker interested in improving the success of their business.”

The following was received after my second consult with Byrd Baggett!

“If speakers are serious about taking their business to the next level, they should seriously consider engaging Lois Creamer. Her expertise is a must for those desiring to build a highly profitable speaking business. I speak from experience, as her insights and strategies have helped “Team Baggett” achieve new levels of success. Thanks to Lois, we had a record 2004 and 2005 will be another record year.”

Byrd Baggett

“A lot of people know the speaking industry, but you LOVE it …. and it shows … thanks for making me a hero for booking youl ….. empowering would top the list, but would definitely not be complete without mentioning the fun and high energy you brought to the day. With all the confusion of so many different views about how to be successful in this fabulous life changing business of professional speaking, you dispelled so many of the myths. Everyone loved how you take a complex message and put LIFE into it so we can all look at it in a doable format.”

Wayne Pickering

“Lois knows the speaking business! I have been going to NSA conventions and workshops since 1988 and have met few people who have a grasp of the speaking industry like Lois Creamer. She is a savvy businessperson with great insights on growing a speaker’s business, positioning, and training staff. The time I spent with her was invaluable. If I had to do it over again the only thing I would have done differently was to have worked with her sooner and for a longer session. I would not only recommend but urge any speaker who is serious about growing their business to work with Lois. She is energetic and passionate about this business.”

Tim Richardson, CSP

“You have made a huge difference in my office. Everything that you teach makes sense and has my staff working smoothly with a uniform philosophy of pleasing the client while growing our business. You are a professional and a pleasure to work with. Your experience and expertise are an asset to my business. I would confidently recommend your services to anyone who is looking to improve their business!”

Marjorie Brody, CSP, CPAE, CMC

“Through the 20+ years I’ve spent in the speaking business, I, like many others, have tried just about everything possible to generate business. Not until you put forth ideas and recommendations did the picture become clear. Your practical, concise approach has planted this company on an ‘inch wide and a mile deep’ path. To say we’re excited about this new direction is a gross understatement! Your insights and guidance have been an awakening to our much needed attention to positioning and niche marketing. Here’s to booking more business and a long relationship!”

Gene Swindell

“After you left and I had a chance to reflect on our time together, I was left wondering how I’ve been surviving these past five years. I know that when I implement your system and the suggestions you made I won’t have to worry about sleepless nights when I lie in bed with one eye open wondering if I’m ever going to reach my dreams in this business. Knowing how much more control I have with my new plan is very comforting…THANK YOU!”

Bill Dyer

“Thank you for your insight in the Marketing Skills Lab in Tempe. You were on target, professional and added great benefit to each participant – you are a gifted communicator. I’m confident that with your experience and expertise you will be able to help a beginning speaker and the seasoned pro as well.”

Ray Pelletier, CSP, CPAE

“Thanks so much for your superb and timely advice. We have hired several speaking coaches and consultants throughout my 13 years as a professional speaker, but never one who was so direct and concise. It was obvious you had done your homework reviewing my promotional materials and preview video and we are confident in your knowledge and experience in the industry. I especially appreciated your direct advice rather than waffling and suggesting multiple alternatives…. We have recommended you to other speakers and look forward to working with you again when the need arises.”

Patti Hathaway, CSP

“Wow … Wonderful, Organized, and Workable! Anyone in the industry needs to invest in themselves by having you on their team for a day, a week, or full time! I loved your many templates for marketing, selling, telemarketing, and focusing your over-all efforts to maximize every second of the day. Lois, after more than a decade in the professional speaking industry, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars, you had significant ideas, new technologies and approaches that made the time more than worth the investment. I only wish every professional speaker who desires greater rewards could have the opportunity to glean from you!”

Dr. Jeff Magee, CSP, CMC, PDM

“Thank you, thank you for giving my speaking business some much-needed direction. I told you what I needed, and you delivered. I hired you to show me the best ways to utilize and maximize my efforts. Until then, I felt like I was randomly sowing seeds of prospect: You taught me how to sow them on ‘fertile ground’. I have been implementing your recommended techniques for only six weeks, and I already have more bookings! For the first time in my speaking career, I have a do-able plan and focus. That and the resulting peace of mind were worth the investment. And that’s how I see you, Lois … as one of the best investments I’ve made to catapult my career.”

LeAnn Thieman, CPAE

“Lois, hiring you was one of the best decisions I have made because Carol and I learned so much in those two days. We now have a better focus thanks to our concise positioning statement that I can easily say to anyone. I have used your suggested contracts, forms, and many of your innovative ideas. Thanks again for all of your help and showing us how to grow our business. It is indeed growing!”

Fred Martels

“You KNOW how to maximize staff. Thanks for doing a great presentation at NSA’s Business Development Lab. The audience loved your insights, depth of experience, humor, and specific strategies. I am confident anyone who hires you will gain tremendous benefit.”

Lisa Ford, CSP

“It works! It works! I just can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the wealth of information you so effectively shared during our two day training session. I am so excited with the response I am already receiving from prospects … I am looking forward to implementing all of the great ideas you had for our office and working on the relationship building skills with our clients.”

Amber James

“I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the ideas you have shared with my staff and myself … you have had a big impact on the way we do things in this office and the results we achieve.”

Sam Silverstein

“Just had to drop you a note and tell you what a tremendous impact you have had on my speaking business, and my life! Lois, I truly believe that if I had not called you I would still be a crisis-driven speaker, way behind on everything …I will be happy to discuss your talents with any prospective clients, just have them call me.”

Rick Butts

“Wow! Wonderful. Outstanding. Workable. Your recommendations were all on target. We have incorporated several of them in our everyday telemarketing practices. We regularly refer to your manual and have personalized and adapted most of the letters to our own business. If our enthusiasm and positive changes made continue there will definitely be an increase in business this year. It will certainly be attributed in part to your excellent assistance.”

Eileen Brownell

“Your kindness and humor made the training fun, while your expertise in the field made the information applicable. I appreciate your wisdom on how to prioritize calls, how to respond to a variety of caller situations, and feedback on our promotional materials. The follow up support made me feel supported when I have had a question. I happily recommend you to any speaker or staff wanting to create a professional image and service.”

Susan Keale

Well the name says it all. Book more business and make more money! Lois delivers what she promises. As a former Mrs. U.S. and national television host I am no stranger to professional consultants. Lois is among the absolute best and much more affordable than any other professional I have worked with in both the speaking and entertainment industry. She has a brilliant approach to positioning, marketing, communication, and strategy that is focused on each unique speaker.

Her manual and consulting package will eliminate all questions as to how effective your marketing efforts will be over the next five years. The savings of just a few of the mistakes I would have made this year alone will save me more than triple her fee.

Although I have to warn you – if you want lots of compliments about how great you are then you should call your mother instead of Lois. But, if you want tangible business advice that you can immediately implement regarding what you are doing right and wrong in your speaking business then Lois is the gal for you.

Don’t get me wrong, she is very encouraging. But, you will discover that she is a straight shooter and only cares about taking your bookings and profits to the next level…not getting you to invest in more of her consulting. She is an absolute gem and I feel blessed to have had her wise counsel to guide my business in the most efficient and effective manner.

If you are a speaker that is just starting out, or want to take your six figure speaking business to the next level, Lois has the depth of knowledge to get you there. The only regret you will have is that you didn’t hire her sooner.

Dr. Angela Bender

“How fortunate Tennessee Speakers Association is to have been able to have you speak to our chapter. We continue to receive rave reviews. Thank you for making a significant contribution to each of our businesses through sharing your expertise!

Patsy Pagan, TSA

“Fellow NSA Chapter Presidents: I am contacting you about an exceptional choice for one of your upcoming programs. I met Lois Creamer in San Antonio. As she states, her market is an inch wide, but a mile deep. I am writing this to you just minutes after Lois completed her time with us. I am that excited about what she could do for you and your members. Today I heard from a significant portion of members that Lois Creamer delivered the most informative program we had ever had. They felt it was packed with useful information that was delivered in a highly entertaining format. Much of what Lois shared was brand new to speakers with years of experience and success. You and I are always looking for that unique speaker that can offer a program that makes us look like heroes while giving our members more than they could have possibly expected. Lois Creamer does both!”

Bill Karlson, TSA

“You were absolutely wonderful (at the eastern workshop). While observing your session I noticed the participants were on the edge of their seats. You held them in the palm of your hand – like a pro!”

Ann Carol Yoho

“What a great day you provided for the Pennsylvania Speakers Association. Hands down we all agreed on marketing as our #1 priority … you delivered! You walk your talk and it shows. You created an obligation to PSA to make sure the attendance and advance marketing of your program was the best. It worked … we had a 25% increase in our attendance.”

Mina Bancroft

“You’re much younger looking in person!”

Gail Llamas, Judge Ken Reilly Seminars, Inc.

“Wow! What a great evening, your presentation was full of information and fun. Thank you for sharing your expertise with our chapter. The response to your presentation and materials was great. It is always fun for a meeting planner to look good because the speaker really delivered. Thank you for making me look good!

Carolyn Harvill, Houston NSA

“Lois left to start her own business…bad for me, great for you! Trust me when I tell you my loss is your gain – she knows the business!”

Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

I would I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to take their speaking business to the next level. You are clearly a pro and one with a big heart, generous spirit and a great sense of humor. Lois, what can I say? You were worth every penny and then some.

I wish I could clone you. You are so knowledgeable, supportive, creative and encouraging. Not only did I feel that we accomplished a tremendous amount, it was fun to work with you. I loved brainstorming to come up with my positioning statement. Armed with my new one sheet, program descriptions and bio, I think that we will get a warm reception from new speaking prospects.

Stephanie Marston

You were the best investment I’ve made in years! Your insights were right on target, and we are defined in the areas we need to improve. I want to personally recommend you to anyone who is building a speaking business or looking to improve his or her business.

Jack Canfield, CSP, CPAE

Roger (Crawford) and I benefited from your confident and consistent approach to marketing and office procedures. Your solid advice gave us the push we needed to move forward. I was inspired by your solid advice regarding letters and telephone procedures. During our year together I have gone from an over-kill with words to a more direct, simple and friendly approach. Clients appreciate this and it makes my job more productive and enjoyable. Thank you, Lois, for your solid approach, your flexibility in meeting our needs, and your amazing gift of words. It was a pleasure!

Roger Crawford/Micky Fisher

What a fantastic help you have been to my business! We are following your recommendations and getting excellent responses. Thanks to your advice, we are also getting far more enthusiastic testimonial letters and return calls from potential clients. We anticipate far more programs and sales due to your fine guidance.

Steve Boyd

My business has grown 30% in six short months after working with you. A single booking at my new fee paid for your work. With Lois’ guidance, I am clear about my target audience. I am well positioned, focused and have great materials to use when responding to interested parties. Your sales process takes the mystery out of booking more business.

Cy Wakeman

Working with you was without a doubt the best business decision I have ever made. Your clarity, enthusiasm and generous sharing of your expertise along with many practical, useful tools were invaluable. You helped me move from being paralyzed and overwhelmed to being focused, energized and excited. You are the best!

Dr. Denise Lamothe

Book More Business! I can’t think of a better name for your company because that is exactly what you did for me! From the moment we began working together, I saw you as a powerhouse of valuable information about the speaking industry. Your knowledge of industry trends helped position me in the marketplace. You provided practical tips on creating high-impact brochures, article reprints and demo videos. You are very detail oriented in your approach. I knew you spent a great deal of time reviewing all of my materials. My promo materials are now top notch! Speakers who are serious about taking their business to the next level need to work with you!

Edward Leigh, CSP

You are one of the most amazing people we’ve ever worked with.  Over the 18 months that we’ve worked with you, you have helped us totally transform our business from one that was about an inch deep and two miles wide to one that is about an inch wide and two miles deep. Your encouragement a year ago for us to niche our business was the best we ever heard. By applying the ideas you initially gave us, we were able to increase our business by 150% in one year.  Now, that you’ve been back to work with us on a deeper level, we expect to increase it by that much again this year. Thanks – you are the best!

Carl Potter, CSP

Lois presented valuable information about marketing in one of the most clear, concise ways I have ever experienced. I was able to integrate the points she spoke about as a result of the beautiful way in which she communicated.

Judy Sabah

I want to thank you once again for a fabulous teleseminar! I learned so much from you in such a short period of time. You are truly the consummate professional and my kind of speaker – heavy content that’s extremely useful.

Karen Lawson, CSP

“In a field full of hype, your perspective is a genuine breath of fresh air.”

Cathleen Fillmore

Your program gave me so many terrific ideas I plan to implement in my business that I’ve decided to name my new dog after you! Lois (the dog) will be a constant reminder of your messages.

Jane Swanzy

Clients include …

Jack Canfield, CSP, CPAE
Jeffrey Gitomer, CSP, CPAE
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Karyn Buxman-Godek, CSP, CPAE
Steve Rizzo, CSP, CPAE
LeAnn Theiman, CSP, CPAE
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Marjorie Brody, CSP, CPAE
Roger Crawford, CSP, CPAE
Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE
Kathleen Passanisi CSP, CPAE
Mark Sharenbroich, CSP, CPAE
Maj. Gen. Byron Bagby (ret) Former head of NATO
Maj. Gen. Vincent Boles (ret)
David Newman
Rebel Brown
Dawnna St.Louis
Antarctic Mike Pierce
Byrd Baggett, CSP
Liz Fletcher – Brown
David Hults
David DeLong
Mary Kutheis
Manley Feinberg
John Stahl-Wert
Steve Boyd, CSP
Mary Jane Mapes, CSP
Tom Clynes
Dr. Jeffrey Magee, CSP
Pamela Vaccaro, CSP
Dr. Nancy Wegge, PhD
Lethia Owens
Judge Ken Reilly
Mike Staver, CSP
Carl Potter, CSP
Deb Potter
Bill Dyer
Rose Mary Hedley
Cy Wakeman, CSP
Graeme Newell
Chip Lutz
Patty Hendrickson
Phil Gerbyshak
Jessica Pettitt, CSP
Joanne Cantor
Glenn Bill
Lynette Landing
Steve Hughes
Liz Fletcher-Brown
Sierra Modre
Karel Murray, CSP
Bonnie Budzowski
Dale Collie
Eddie Leigh, CSP
Howard Kellman
Dr. Denise LaMothe
Duane Cashin
Julie Ann Sullivan
Ann Tardy
… and more!


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