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Have you noticed that many times when you go to give a presentation you find a client ready to film it without previously requesting permission? It’s happening more and more. What to do? We all know that we need good film for promotional purposes, but …

You are in an intellectual property business, and you must do whatever you have to do to protect your ownership of your own property. Therefore, I suggest that you always be prepared for this situation. How to do it?

Carry a taping agreement with you at all times. Put down a few restrictions on your letterhead and have it with you when you travel. Now, I’m not an attorney, but here is what I suggest you may want to include on a simple, non lawyer-type agreement.

  • Client to provide you with a master copy of the film within ten days.
  • Film may not be sold in any manner or for any reason. (If anyone is going to sell the presentation and make money from it it’s going to be YOU!)
  • Film may be viewed by employees of group that hired you only. No one else.
  • Film may be used in house for a period of a year, 3 months, 6 months (or whatever).
  • Film may be used by you as a marketing piece, product, to advertise, or in any way you wish to use it.

Simple? Yes! I want it to be simple and not seem too off-putting to your client.

When you have your copy of the film review it. Ask yourself:

  • Would it make a good video or digital product?
  • Would it make a good audio product?
  • Could you pull out clips that could be used to promote yourself on your website or on YouTube?

I think product is a terrific thing! Nothing like turning your computer to find that people have ordered products on your website! Love it!

Further, these days you really need to be in the product business. The days of using merely speaking for income are pretty much gone.

So, be prepared! If you are, you will protect your rights and you may even make extra profit by having an agreement. At the very least, you will be positioning yourself as a professional!

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