Take your speaking practice to the next level!

If you are already making a living speaking professionally, let Lois help you take your business to the next level!

Here is how we can work together! I can help you:

  • Further develop a highly focused positioning statement that allows prospects to understand the concept and outcome of working with you - make them want to work with you
  • Update and create promotional material that will capture the attention of prospects
  • Identify target industries and markets that will allow you to penetrate markets more effectively leverage past success
  • Determine and verify decision makers in all industries
  • Communicate effectively with decision makers and economic buyers
  • Develop top-notch selling skills designed to keep the sales funnel full
  • Create an "action plan" that will keep you on track and as busy as you want to be

Examples speak louder than words! Listen to what clients have to say...

Using the techniques that you taught, we were able to secure a booking at a fee that more than paid for your investment within one week! Words can hardly express how excited I am about the time you spent in my office. I've worked with you in the past so I already knew your work to be of exceptional quality, but I must admit, you never cease to amaze me. It's obvious that, in your work with other speakers and staff, you are constantly learning (and sharing) new tricks of the trade. I am so happy that we made the extra investment to insure that over the months to come, you are just a phone call away.

Karyn Buxman, CSP, CPAE

Karyn hired me to help her penetrate the corporate market, target industries more effectively, and work with her national marketing manager to increase effectiveness in selling speaking services. I have worked with Karyn (doing a Book More Business program) for three consecutive years!

Jack Canfield and I were so happy we made the decision to bring you in. Jack felt you were the best investment in consulting that he has made in years! .. Your professional critique of our unique services (at both Souperspeakers and Self-esteem Seminars) provided a clear vision of where we are and where we are meant to be.

Teresa Esparza of Jack Canfield Self-Esteem Seminars and Souperspeakers Speakers Bureau

Jack and Teresa brought me in to develop a business plan for their new speakers bureau and to develop top-notch selling and positioning skills. I also helped with Jack's seminar business and in refining promotional materials.

Thank you for your consulting expertise. In today's business world it is rare when others deliver what they promise, but you not only met our expectations, you clearly exceeded them! You reviewed our business and recommended, in an objective and professional way, changes that would take our business to the next level. You told us what we needed to hear, and this professional advice has already produced positive results! I would, without reservation, recommend you to any professional speaker interested in improving the success of their business."

Byrd Baggett

Byrd hired me to make his already successful speaking business even more successful! I worked with him on marketing materials, a strategy for a great preview video, target marketing, and worked with his marketing coordinator to keep the sales funnel full of prospects.

I have been going to NSA conventions and workshops since 1988 and have met few people who have a grasp of the speaking industry like Lois Creamer. She is a savvy businessperson with great insights on growing a speaker's business, positioning, and training staff. The time I spent with her was invaluable. If I had to do it over again the only thing I would have done differently was to have worked with her sooner and for a longer session. I would not only recommend but also urge any speaker who is serious about growing their business to work with Lois. She is energetic and passionate about this business."

Tim Richardson, CSP

Already a successful and talented speaker, Tim hired me to help him target market and create an action plan that would help him to feel more in control of his business.

You have made a huge difference in my office. Everything that you teach makes sense and has my staff working smoothly with a uniform philosophy of pleasing the client while growing our business. You are a professional and a pleasure to work with. Your experience and expertise are an asset to my business. I would confidently recommend your services to anyone who is looking to improve their business!"

Marjorie Brody, CSP, CMC

Marjorie hired me to help her sales staff sell speaking services more effectively. We also worked on niche marketing, positioning, and the effective use of personnel.

Anyone in the industry needs to invest in themselves by having you on their team for a day, a week, or full time! I loved your many templates for marketing, selling, telemarketing, and focusing your over-all efforts to maximize every second of the day. Lois, after more than a decade in the professional speaking industry, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars, you had significant ideas, new technologies and approaches that made the time more than worth the investment. I only wish every professional speaker who desires greater rewards could have the opportunity to glean from you!

Dr. Jeff Magee, CSP, CMC

Jeff, who did very well before I entered the picture, wanted me to help his staff sell speaking services more effectively, keep the sales funnel full, and manage the database well. We also covered workflow issues.

Thank you, thank you for giving my speaking business some much-needed direction. I told you what I needed, and you delivered. I hired you to show me the best ways to utilize and maximize my efforts. Until then, I felt like I was randomly sowing seeds of prospect: You taught me how to sow them on 'fertile ground'. I have been implementing your recommended techniques for only six weeks, and I already have more bookings! For the first time in my speaking career, I have a do-able plan and focus. That and the resulting peace of mind were worth the investment. And that's how I see you, Lois as one of the best investments I've made to catapult my career."

LeAnn Thieman

LeAnn did the Book More Business program to take her business to the next level. A powerful storyteller with a wonderful program, she wanted assistance in creating top-notch marketing skills and increased ability for her and her marketing assistant to sell her programs.

Thanks so much for your superb and timely advice. We have hired several speaking coaches and consultants throughout my 13 years as a professional speaker, but never one who was so direct and concise. It was obvious you had done your homework reviewing my promotional materials and preview video and we are confident in your knowledge and experience in the industry. I especially appreciated your direct advice rather than waffling and suggesting multiple alternatives. We have recommended you to other speakers and look forward to working with you again when the need arises.

Patti Hathaway, CSP

Patti's testimonial explains exactly how she used my services! She is a very successful and busy speaker who came with specific needs.

Through the 20+ years I've spent in the speaking business, I, like many others, have tried just about everything possible to generate business. Not until you put forth ideas and recommendations did the picture become clear. Your practical, concise approach has planted this company on an 'inch wide and a mile deep' path. To say we're excited about this new direction is a gross understatement! Your insights and guidance have been an awakening to our much-needed attention to positioning and niche marketing. Here's to booking more business and a long relationship!

Gene Swindell

Gene wanted me to help him find great prospects for his services and really niche his business. We were successful in charting a course and strategy for achieving his goals.

You are a gift to speakers. The biggest problem most talented speakers have is marketing. You have the answer to that problem. Without your piece of the puzzle, they will go unseen, their message will be untold, and their services will be unsold.

Joe Bonura, CSP

Remarks made after a program I did for Joe's Kentucky chapter!


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